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Kiosk Social Media Guide

September 2017

As a Mobile Outfitters kiosk owner, part of running your business includes managing social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other channels. But when you also must manage employees, multiple locations and customer issues, social media can get put on the backburner. To help with that, we hope to help you plan out your social media content for each month with this new Kiosk Social Media Guide.

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The New iPhone The new iPhone is likely to be revealed on September 12, so many of your posts this month should be focused on the device. Share industry articles (like this) and post about how our products are available immediately. Download Approved Graphics

Relevant Industry Articles Your customers and social followers should see you as a resource for all news in the tech and mobile industry. Share news articles about the latest phones, app and devices from sites like Wired, Mashable and more. It helps to cultivate a following on your network.

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Samsung Galaxy Note8 While the phone was announced last month, it hits stores September 15. Make sure to post about how we have products available to protect the device immediately. Download Approved Graphics

Social Tip of the Month

Before you post a picture, take a couple minutes to make sure it looks great. You can use a free photo editing app to increase the brightness, pump up the contrast and fix any color issues. Even spending just a couple minutes editing can drastically increase the quality of pictures you post.

Check out some great examples from kiosks around the world. Example 1 | Example 2 | Example 3 | Example 4

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