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We help you plan your social media content for each month. Read December's guide for help with managing Facebook, Instagram and more.
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Kiosk Social Media Guide

December 2017

As a Mobile Outfitters kiosk owner, part of running your business includes managing social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other channels. But when you also must manage employees, multiple locations and customer issues, social media can get put on the backburner. To help with that, we help you plan out your social media content for each month with our Kiosk Social Media Guide.


Use Hashtag #MobileOutfitters Let's work together to make #MobileOutfitters more popular. Hashtag every picture you post on Instagram with #MobileOutfitters for the chance to win a box of C sheets for your kiosk, plus be featured weekly on our own Instagram. Check out these four posts to see what we're looking for. Example 1 | Example 2 | Example 3

Take Time Editing the Pictures You Post Before you post something on your social channels, spend a few minutes framing the picture in your viewfinder or screen, adjusting the lighting and editing it before you post. Place it on a clean, non-destracting background. Use this app to help you edit each image.

Use Our Approved Images We have a selection of images available for you to use this month. Mix them in with images you shoot at your kiosks for a social channel that looks professional and friendly. These images are already edited and ready for sharing. Download them here.

Social Tip of the Month

Make sure your spelling is correct! Before you post any graphic, check it for correct spelling, plus spellcheck your captions before you hit publish.

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