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The iPhone 8 is around the corner. It's going to be curved, glass, and a blockbuster release. Are you ready to maximize sales?
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Hi Mobile,

The iPhone 8 is around the corner, and it's going to be huge - after all, it is the 10th anniversary of the iPhone! Not only will Apple extend the screen edge to edge, but the back of the phone will be made of glass, it'll have a curved display, wireless charging, and all of our products are going to look amazing on it (not to mention, cases are going to look horrible on it).

This is sure to be the best selling iPhone in history, being the first overhaul to the device's design in 3 years. Luckily, you've got RapidCut and no longer have to worry about guessing how much to buy. 

We're going to see a ton of demand when the iPhone 8 launches, and shipping times will be longer than normal because of the surge. To maximize sales and capture the most of this blockbuster iPhone release, it's important to start ordering your inventory now. Check:

  • Do you have enough Original and Matte sheets in stock? You should have 3-4x normal inventory.
  • Do you have enough Style Skins sheets in stock?
  • Do you have enough Fusion screen protectors in stock, for the iPhone 7S / 7S Plus?
  • Do you have enough Fusion Bumpers in stock, for the iPhone 7S / 7S Plus?
  • Do you have extra blades, installation tools, brochures, and other items that will spike as a result of higher sales?

We will be releasing pre-order details for iPhone 8 Fusion SP and Fusion Bumper in the coming weeks, stay tuned for a seperate email.

Since RapidCut sheets are never out of date, start putting in your orders now to avoid delays. 

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Happy selling!

*note: if you do not have a RapidCut system, please work with your sales rep on lining up a pre-order for pre-cut.