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The World's Thinnest Impact Bumper

Since 2007, our goal has been to offer the most innovative products that provide the highest level of protection. And while we feel we've done a great job of doing that, we're always pushing for more. That's why we're introducing the Clear-Coat Fusion Bumper, the world's thinnest impact bumper and the first bumper designed exclusively to protect against corner drops AND direct screen hits.

What is it?

At 40% thinner than the closest competitor bumper, Fusion Bumper is the world's thinnest impact bumper for iPhone. This new product has specially designed Corner Cushion™ pockets on the inside corners that absorb and distribute energy across the bumper, instead of across the screen. In addition, it uses Fusion's TriACTIVE technology to absorb and disperse impact. It's made of an incredibly durable, hard outer layer that won't crack or break, and an inner layer (made of the same material as Clear-Coat) that softens the blow from any drop. This soft layer also extends onto the screen and back of the phone, protecting it from direct impact.

Fusion Bumper is a smooth, glossy, crystal clear bumper that is hardly noticeable on a phone, while still providing an unprecedented level of protection. And when used in conjunction with our Clear-Coat and Style Skins products, it offers complete, seamless protection, without the bulk that heavy-duty cases add. It's also the only bumper in the world that allows for full button functionality and complete access to all ports.

Here's a look at the key selling points of the Clear-Coat Fusion Bumper.

Super thin (1.99mm), but super strong - 40% thinner than the competition

TriACTIVE technology absorbs and disperses impact, saving your screen

Corner Cushion™ pockets protect your phone no matter how you drop it

Works seamlessly with Clear-Coat screen, 360°, and Style Skins protection

How strong is it?

We performed several 20 foot drop tests onto concrete with 4 phones protected by the Fusion Bumper and Fusion Screen Protection and it took an average of 5, 20-foot drops for the screen to crack! We never got a phone to crack when dropping from a normal height (5 feet).

How to Demo

The demo on the Fusion Bumper is simple — drop your phone on the corner. Show them the corner pockets, then show them how beautiful it looks on a phone with a Fusion screen protection and back protection installed. Then show them the video.

Selling Price

We recommend selling the bumper for $39.99, however it should always be part of a bundle. The Bumper is most effective when sold with a Fusion Screen Protector to ensure that the screen won't crack when dropped. Bundling pricing for a Fusion Screen Protector, Fusion bumper and back protection should be between $80 and $100.

Lifetime Replacement Policy

Because the bumper is designed to last forever and does not have an inherent shelf life, we will be issuing 50% credit for returned bumpers. You may exchange bumpers for your customers, however please note to charge a fee to cover your 50% reimbursement. Make sure to promote this new product on your individual kiosk social media channels and interact with your potential customers online. Also, display the flyer and use it to attract potential customers to your kiosk.

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